Danville Holiday Event

pope libraryDANVILLE- There is this event that the Pope Library holds every year when Christmas is right around the corner. This event has been going on for over 25 years, but not much has changed about it. One person has been attending this event for over two decades now.


"Oh at least two decades maybe pushing a quarter of a century." Said Mark Finn who is a resident of Danville and has been very loyal to this event. What Finn really likes about this is the timing of it.

"It's great because this is kind of the beginning of the Christmas rush and later in the Christmas rush I wouldn't have the time for this." Finn continued.

Food...drinks...and conversation is what really keeps brining people of the community back every year. Another person has now came back for a fourth year, and just for a simple reason. "I enjoy talking to people and the wonderful, wonderful food."Said Andrew Hepburn another resident of Danville.

This is only held once a year during the month of December, and is really meant to get people into the holiday spirit.