New Business in Danville

newslinc danvilleDANVILLE- A new repair business is opening soon in one local community. The new business, which is located in West Danville, will occupy an already existing structure. 

A public hearing was held before the Danville Development Review Board on Wednesday night December 6th in order to grant the permit to Mark Dunbar and Richard Benoit. Dunbar and Benoit both filed the permit to open their business on Route 15, right across the street from Joe’s Pond.
“The business is to repair automobiles and trucks and general tractors, general equipment, small and large and he also wants to open an inspection station,” said Michael Smith, the Chair of the Development Review Board.
When opening a new business in Vermont, certain bylaws need to be followed. These are the bylaws for Danville regarding the application process;
"The application of this bylaw is subject to Sections 4411, 4412, and 4413 of Title 24. No land development may commence without a zoning permit issued by the Administrative officer. Unless such land development conforms to the regulations herein specified, no permit may be issued by the Administrative officer. Land development includes the division of a parcel into two or more parcels; the construction, reconstruction, conversion, relocation or enlargement of any building or other structure; and the use, change of use, or extension of use of any building or other structure or land. Land subdivisions require the submission of a legal survey of the resulting lots with the zoning application."

According to the Review Board, Dunbar and Benoit have 30 days to file an appeal, but if no appeal takes place, the permit will be issued and they can open as soon as possible.