Danville Man Faces Prison Time

kubisekDANVILLE - Michael Kubisek, 47, of Danville, was sentenced to three to eight years in prison on one felony count of aggravated assault assault against a vulnerable individual after attacking his seventy 75 year old mother with a cane in January.

Kubisek was upset that the pipes in his house were frozen and that the phone in the house wasn't working. According to a statement read by Judge Mary Teachout, Kubisek's mother expressed hope that her son would get treatment for his anger, as well as other mental issues.

A second charge, for first degree aggravated assault related to the same incident, was dropped. Kubisek plead guilty to the first charge, and the second got dropped as a result of the plea deal.

Kubisek also had a felony charge after being caught growing marijuana. He faced up to three years in prison for the marijuana charges, and up to fifteen years behind bars for the alleged assault. However his marijuana charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, also due to the plea argument. "You would have a sentence of three to eight years to serve, with credits for time served, on the assault charge, a felony," Judge Mary Miles Teachout of Caledonia County court said to Kubisek. "And you'd have a sentence of three to six months on the possession of marijuana charge, to be served at the same time."