Residents Pleased With Route 2 Work

Danville RoadsDANVILLE - As roadwork on Route 2 in Danville continues, traffic that was once at a standstill is beginning to return to normal. And the improvements to the road have not gone unnoticed.

"It seems like it's been a long time, but we expected it to be longer," said Danville resident Marge Button. "They've done a really good job, I think. It's very attractive, and the road surface is good, I think it's good for Danville."

With a majority of the work at both the east and west ends of the road, the next phase in the project will begin in 2013.

"Next year, there's gonna be some more construction in the center," said Mert Leonard, a town administrator in Danville. "Both ends have been pretty well done."

Some residents believe that a traffic light at the intersection in the center of town would help solve the problem of traffic crossing Route 2.

"I dont know if there is a plan for a traffic light at the top if the hill," Button said. "To me that's still a green and red traffic light, not just blinking lights."

Crews have begun to move equipment and clean the construction areas in hopes of returning traffic to a normal flow before the snow falls.