Chess Tourney Held in Danville

download-1DANVILLE- This weekend, local chess players made their way to the Danville Community Center for a chess tournament.  There were over 20 chess players from the Northeast Kingdom who participated in the tournament.


 Tournaments are held every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm for both league players and members of the community. 

When we entered the Danville Community Centerthe only sound that could be heard were players moving their pieces from one square to the next. 

Although there are very skilled players in the tournament, inexperienced players can also compete against each other.  

We have structures this one into three sections, so that the weaker players still have a chance to win some games.” said Relyea. 

This year, more chess players enrolled in the tournament. New faces include the second-best chess player in the Czech Republic—who is attending Lyndon Institute. 

Every weekend, chess enthusiasts from all over the Northeast Kingdom get together in Danville compete against each other and strengthen relationships in the process.  The next chess tournament will not be until next month and will be located in New Hampshire. 

DANVILLE CHESS from NewsLINC on Vimeo.