S-Ski-Mo Spaghetti Dinner

SpaghettiDANVILLE-It's the time of year where many are out riding the snowmobile trails with friends and family. For one local snowmobile club, they decided to show their appreciation for the opportunity to ride over 70 miles of trails.


Over the weekend Danville snowmobile riders and community members gathered at the Danville School. The S-SkI-Mo snowmobile club hosted a home made spaghetti dinner in which they gave their thanks to the landowners for letting these riders cross their property.

Carol Santor, says, "I think any time that you can do something with the public that's giving back to you for letting us be on their property, snow machining, I think it's great for us to show them that we appreciate what they're doing for us and try to give them back something they can use".

This event was free for snowmobilers and landowners and was also open to the public for a small cost. This is 18th year that the S-Ski-Mo club has shown their appreciation to the landowners.

Chair member of the spaghetti dinner, Carol Santor says, "that providing a free meal is the least they could do."

With many people attending the dinner the S-Ski-Mo thinks that this won't be there last.