Corn Maze Expansion

CornMazeExpansionNORTH DANVILLE - The largest corn maze in New England just got bigger.

“Looking at the land we had and the way it could go,” said owner Mike Boudreau,  “we ended up going from ten acres to 24 acres… which did not make my kids happy, because they helped us build it.

 The Great Vermont Corn Maze is on it’s third generation of family owners and a new maze is designed every year to make things a little more unexpected.

The hard work and expansion did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. People still travel from all over the world to take a bite out of the corn maze.

“It’s a big one, and we hope to get out,” one tourist from England said.

Maze officials recommend giving you and your family two to five hours to find their way out, which is important information for managing expectations.

“If you get here at 3:00pm you’re not going to solve the maze,” said Boudreau.

Officials also say 90% of teenagers ages 13-20 years-old give up in less than 20 minutes. Of course they welcome teens to give it a shot and have an interest in solving the maze.

The website encourages guests to even bring snacks and to be prepared.

For most families, it’s mostly about bonding and enjoying the great outdoors.

The expansion brought more work for everyone, including the people trying to find their way out. However, everyone seems to have been enjoying the new challenges from the a-mazing adventure.

Corn Maze Expansion from NewsLINC on Vimeo.