Haunted Corn Maze Nationally Recognized

deadnorthhDANVILLE - Dead North at the Great Vermont Corn Maze have been giving people thrills for the past fifteen years and this year, they received even more recognition. 

The haunted corn maze based in Danville was highlighted in Tourist Attractions and Parks Magazine.

The owner of Dead North, Mike Boudreau, says starting the haunted maze was not easy. He said he began running a starlight maze but that never stuck around long, but his neighbors were the ones with the idea of a haunted maze.

"Walking through the corn maze in the night, it's just creepy. So our neighbors are the ones that really begged us to do it. My wife and I looked at each other and we knew it was a lot of work. We knew most haunts don't last more than a year or two." Lucky for Boudreau and his wife, 15 years later Dead North is more successful than ever.

The Tourist Attractions and Parks Magazine recognizes the attraction industry around the country.

"It's an industry magazine so it goes to other people in the attraction industry. It includes stories about Walt Disney, Six Flags, Sea World, water parks, and bowling allies all over the country so we have been getting that for over fifteen years. For them to actually call us means we have done something right," says Boudreau.

The owner says the attractions industry is always changing, so you can expect to see more this year, if you aren't covering your eyes in fear. "We are adding some more structures by bringing in a few new props, and this year we are going to add something we have never done before as far as a little bit of interaction with the victims."

Dead North is strict on being a safe, yet fun environment. "The kids are having fun... They're not out on the streets doing something stupid. They're just having a great memory of time."

Tickets go on sale in July. Boudreau wants everyone to buy their tickets early, because they will sell out. "The only discount we do is in July. The sooner you buy them, the better off you are. Every year we are selling them quicker and quicker."