Hand-Painted Artwork

Artwork by LisaLocal artist, Lisa Smith, is working on expanding the audience of her work. And at this time she is making that goal into a reality. Smith started her career as an artist by going to a local crafts show with her grandmother about 19 years ago. She now continues the trend which started years ago. "I've gone to a few local craft shows and people want me to go to more, but I've got people just calling and wanting special orders," said Smith.

"She has refined herself in the last two years, it's amazing," said Smith's boyfriend, Roger Morrill.

"Some of them have even gone to Australia. A lot of work in Massachusetts and Ohio, and Florida. So it goes everywhere," said Smith.

But when it comes down to it painting is not just a job for Lisa Smith, it is also hobby and a way to see her talent and skills grow for herself.

"It's the after," explains Smith, "You know, you sit back and you look at it and when you're all done, it's just like oh my gosh. I really impress myself each time I do a piece."

In the coming months, Smith says she hopes to offer art classes to the community. In the meantime she has the admiration of her clients and the loved ones. "I am very proud of her, and of her work," said Morrill.