Joe's Pond Ice-out

joes pondDANVILLE- As spring is fast approaching one of the NEKs most known events could find a winner very soon. The Joes Pond Ice-out competition continues this year after last year selling more then 15 hundred tickets.

 Joes Pond Ice-out has been around since 1988. The tradition has residents vote on the date and time that a block with a flag placed on Joes Pond will fall through. In order to successfully pick the winner there are two 24/7 cameras. One of which is focused on the block on the ice. The other is place on a clock that will read off the time the ice gives out.

This could be the first year that the block falls through the ice before the April first deadline to buy a ticket. Jane Brown the event organizer explained what would happen if the block was to fall before the deadline.

"If that happens then what we do is call up all of our outlets and tell them they can no longer sell or receive tickets as of that moment"

Fred Brown who is in charge of the selling operations for the event said that over the past four years they have had a steady flow of people participating in the event. He said the jump to get to be as popular as it is now happened about three or four years ago. The warm weather has brought a lot of people out earlier seeming how there will more than likely be a lot less time to predict from than in previous years.

The past two years April 29th has been the lucky day, but this year warmer weather may have us seeing the block fall well before that. Last years winner also brought home a cool $6,400 reward for picking the right date and being the closest time to the actually falling of the block.

Even with the warm weather Jane Brown believes that it will hold out until the deadline of April first.