Ghouls, Ghosts, Graves, Oh My!

DeadNorthDanville- The Great Vermont Corn Maze is a unique Vermont experience that people from all over the country come to enjoy.  This maze only gets more unique, and scarier, around Halloween, when the maze turns into Dead North.

Located on the back roads of Danville, Dead North is a portion of the maze that is haunted, created by the owners to give people a scare during this time of year.  It's a very popular Halloween desination, and according to their website, this maze has been featured on the show Making Monsters on the Travel Channel.  

Dead North even has a history, created by the Boudreau's, with blurbs about how Dead North came to be haunted and why it is so popular.  In the information tab of their website it states, "Dead North and it's residents continue to exist on the outskirts of the more modern towns and society.  Every year, on the first two Friday and Saturday nights in October, brave tourists and locals gather for a long walk through the decaying remants of Dead North in hopes of catching a glimpse of the freakish, demented residents rumored to make up Dead North."  

The real history of Dead North is a little different according to owner Mike Boudreau.  "Fifteen years ago, my neighbors wanted us to do something haunted in the corn, they thought it would be a lot of fum.  We didn't want to at first, we just didn't think it would last because most haunts only last one or two years, but they insisted.  So we said we would build it, pay for it, do everything that would be a pain like putting stuff away and cleaning up after, if you guys (neighbors) will show up for all four nights of the scare.  So they did, and they keep coming back every year."

Boudreau says what goes in the haunting varries every year.  This year, the haunt has "about a mile-long walk, 15 buildings, animatronics, live actors, professional magicians, videos, and special effects."   

The event only runs two weekends in October, and for the last 15 years in a row, the haunting experience has sold out.  "We have buses coming from Canada and people coming from all over New Hampshire," Boudreau told us.  

As of now, the first weekend has already sold out, and it is only a matter of time before the second weekend is booked up as well.  Visit their website for more information and get into the spirit of scaring.