Visitors Get a Scare

dead northDANVILLE - Over the weekend many fearless visitors were in for a treat.

Hundreds of people hopped on tractors that brought them to a cornfield called Dead North for the last night of the four day event.

Ryan Spaulding says it's a scary experience. "The fact that if you go into three haunted houses, there is still more stuff in front of you and the stuff that comes at you is just unbelievable, when you think its over its not over."

Visitors not only saw a magician but were able to support the Danville boyscout troop 888's by buying burgers and hot dogs. "We might have all three counters full at the same time and we've got ten or twelve scouts or adults that are moving stuff or money or burgers or something like that."

Dead North was able to raise about one thousand dollars a night over the weekend, which goes to the scouts camp as well as funding community service activities.