Joe's Pond Ice Out

joes pond thumbnailDANVILLE-- One of the biggest competitions in this area came to an end this week and now all that is left is to find the winner. The annual event has people predict when the ice officially melts on the pond.


Joe's Pond Iceout Contest came to a close on April 29th at 6:14 p.m.. Which is the same date as last years winners with the exception of last years time was 10:06 a.m..

The contest has been going on since 1988 and since then only small things have changed from the first contest done on the pond. The original clock that was connected to the wooden pallet was replaced with a weather- proof clock; there is also 24/7 cameras that watch both the clock and the pallet.

There have been 36 winners to date. And of those winners this is the third year that the date of April 29th was the correct date for the end of the contest.

Diana Rossi, the contest coordinator was pleased with this years contest.

"Well, everything went very smoothly this year and we know we sold over 15,000 tickets. So the winner is going to get over $6,000, if there's only one winner. If there's multiple winders that 6,400 or whatever it is gets divided. But it's pretty exciting."

The other half of the money that was raised from this event will be used for the community fire works show that the Joe's Pond Association puts on each year on the Fourth of July.