Former Principal Pleads Not Guilty

ed webbleyDANVILLE- After two months of waiting, Edwin Webbley went to court today for his arraignment involving the embezzlement of $1,500 from the Danville School.

According to court documents, Webbley was charged on two counts of embezzlement; one count of embezzling more than $100 and another count of embezzling less than $100. Webbley pleaded not guilty on both charges this morning.

The case goes back further than just the $1,500 that was allegedly stolen. Over a couple of months prior to February, Co-Principal Kerin Hoffman noticed small cash amounts from $20-$60 that was missing from the safe. It wasn't until after $200 was found missing that Superintendent Dr. Mathew Forest decided to put a security camera where the safe was, only him and Hoffman knew of the camera. The camera was installed on February 11th, along with the camera the code of the safe was changed and two people had to count the money.

It was also during this time that the school was getting an upgrade in the security system that provided cameras outside of the school, this was known to the public as well as Webbley.

On February 16th, Hoffman called Forest and told him that the money was missing, $1,140 in checks and $360 in cash. Forest took the camera home that day and started reviewing the footage that night and continued the following morning. He saw people access the safe on the 13th and 14th, there were games on both of those days which explained why they were in there. On the 15th at 11:59 a.m. Webbley is seen taking money out of the safe and putting it in his pants pocket, then leaving the safe area. On the 17th, Forest called Webbley to his office and confronted him about the missing money. Forest asked Webbley if he had access to the safe and he said no. Forest then said they had him on tape taking the money, Webbley again denied taking the money. Once again, Forest said they had him on tape to which Webbley replied he had taken $10 to put gas in his car and had forgotten to put it back.

On the 18th a search warrant for Edwin Webbley's home was granted and Det. Sgt. Kelley Clark, Lt. Cooper, Detectives Amadon, Zorn, and Tallmadge went to his home. Webbley's wife, Carrie Askren, was home and told the officers that he was not home; they gave her the warrant and started the process of searching his home. Askren said that her husband had not told her that he was on administrative leave at work. Webbley came home a little while later and talked with Det. Tallmadge. Webbley stated that he took a $10 bill from the National Honor Society fund because he was out of gas and said he went straight to Marty's 1st Stop to get gas. Detectives later was given the footage from the gas station to see if Webbley was telling the truth, but after looking through the camera footage there Detectives found he never got gas.

It was also while searching the house that, detectives found a white envelope with $51 written to the Student Council on it. Along with this check an overdue bill was discovered as well.

On March 5th, Forest called Det. Clark saying he received a call from Hoffman saying that the money that went missing was found in a blue bank bag, this was the first time the money was seen in the safe since the 16th.

On the 10th of March, Forest received a call from Webbley saying his lawyer was trying to get the charges dropped and it would mean problems for Forest, but he was there to help him.