Post Office Named After Historical Figure

post officeDANVILLE- Thaddeus Stevens, a well-known name around the Northeastern part of Vermont, is getting his name plastered even more. There was a Thaddeus Stevens Road, as well as the Thaddeus Stevens school... and now there's a Thaddeus Stevens Post Office. The Danville Post Office was re-named over the weekend to honor the historical figure.

Thaddeus Stevens, of Danville, was remembered for fighting for public education and social justice and was the reason that people from all over the nation flew into Danville.

Ross Hetrick, President of the Thaddeus Stevens Society says Stevens is "probably one of the most famous people that came out of Danville so people know the legacy of Thaddeus Stevents who was one of the most important figures during and after the civil war."

With his name all over the town, many locals are familiar with what Thaddeus Stevens accomplished and want the people who aren't familiar with his name to learn it.

"The actual facility will be a monument to Thaddeus Stevens, in it's own way it's very exciting to be a small part of history," said Maureen Marion of USPS.

Local politcians came together on Saturday and traveled from all over, those of which included Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent-Vermont. Sanders flew in from Washington D.C. and talked about the effect Thaddeus Stevens had on a much larger scale.

"[Thaddeus Stevens] was one of the imporant people in American history, he played a huge role and not only in the fight to abolish slacery in America, but in the fight to make America a more inclusive democracy," said Senator Sanders.

Along with the re-naming of the post office, Stevens also has a new portrait and plaque to add to his resume.