Concord Teen Wins $2,000

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ashleymilesCONCORD - Music is a passion for many high school students and one talented musician from Concord has found a way to make her music pay off for both herself and her school.


Ashley Miles, 16, recently received $2,000 after she entered her work in a radio jingle contest for a Lamoille Valley Ford commercial, and won. 

Miles didn't think much of it when she entered the contest less than a year ago, she was just doing it for her family.

"My grandmother actually brought me a paper she found online about it, and she asked me to do it... I did it in like 2 days, I decided might as well try, I didn't actually think I'd win," said Miles.

The theme of the jingle was to honor our U.S. men and women in the army. The jingle included that soldiers get free tire rotations, oil changes, and similar services from Lamoile Valley Ford.

Half of Miles' prize money will be given to the music program at the Concord School where faculty recognize and appreciate the young girls talent.
"I am so impressed with ashley. You can just see it, I mean she's got so much talent and yet she's got a lot of humility as well," boasted Concord Principal Patty Lyons.
Miles has received recognition for her talents in the past, being awarded by The North American Country Music Association International in Tennessee. She has also performed for weddings, concerts, and at the Caledonia County Fair.