Finding A New Home

A New HomeCONCORD-- With just a few weeks left of the school year, Concord high school students must decide on which school they will move on to. And at one meeting, students were able to shop around and learn all about different schools.

On Thursday night students from grades eight to eleven met with representatives from 10 different high schools in the area to speak with and get information on to help with finding the school they will pick to continue with their education.

St Johnsbury Academy, Lyndon Institute, Littleton High School, Danville School, Blue Mountain Union School, East Burke School, White Mountain Regional High School, Profile School, Caledonia School, and North Country Union High School made up the list of schools that students can choose from.

The representatives from each school ranged from superintendents, principals, headmasters, administrative staff, parents and students. Each school had a table that they laid out brochures and pamphlets on, some even brought candy and goodie bags to get students to come to their table.

Many of the schools could feel how much pain was in the air still just a week after the news of the high school closing.

"I can imagine the emotion in this room, and in this town for the last few days, has been heavy and hard to deal with." Said Lyndon Institute Headmaster Daren Houck, "so it was heard, I almost felt like I was trespassing, but the reality is choice has been mad available."

"In a way it's really sad because the school is closing but in another way it's a really great opportunity for some of the students here." Al Smith, one of the representatives for Littleton High School, said.

"The students of Concord have a great opportunity to make a good choice. It's a difficult one to leave something behind but it's also wonderful to go towards something you are really excited about," stated Jeff Burroughs, the St. Johnsbury Assistant Headmaster.

At the beginning of the event, high school principal Kasey Potter gave each school the chance to speak about what they had to offer, some came prepared with slideshows and videos of their schools.

Once the schools had all spoken the meeting really picked up with every table having at least one student finding out what they offered. Schools like St Johnsbury Academy, Lyndon Institute, Danville School, and Blue Mountain Union School had the majority of students and parents at their tables.

Students, like Taylor Call who have experienced what a Concord High School can provide would still aways stay faithful to their school.

"Well my first choice over all will still be Concord if it was still open. But I'm leaning a little more towards Danville and Blue Mountain."

Along with the high schoolers, eighth graders were also at the event to pick out a high school, these students had not yet seen what Concord high school was like. Eighth grader, Cassidy Oldean, said she wished she would have the chance to have a Concord high school life, and now wasn't sure where to go now.

"If worse comes to worst, yeah I'll have to pick a school, but I don't know."

With all the schools that were present it will be surprising if Concord students can't find a school that stands out to them like the one they love.