Concord School Budget Passes

Concord Budget ResultsCONCORD-- After all the bad news coming from the Concord school, students, parents, administrative staff, and superintendent Brian Rayburn now have at least one thing that they be delighted about.

 The budget for the 2015-2016 school year passed on Thursday night. With only 261 people out to vote yesterday, 145 were for yes, while 116 were for no.

The town of Concord has had a very busy last couple of months filled with issues stemming from the topic of the only high school in town. On March third of this year the town rejected the vote of $4,760,302 for the next school year. The vote was 109 for yes and 134 for no.

Kasey Potter, principal of the high school portion of Concord School commented on the low numbers of voters from town meeting day and the hope for the next budget vote.

"I know there was a low turn out for voters this year. So hopefully more people who understand how much comes out of the school and what great, you know, things we are doing here, will come out to vote and make sure it passes."

Just a week following the vote the school board met to come up with a new figure to give the town, but the topic of the vote seemed to change over night from a new school budget to the closure of the high school. Just last week residents went back to the polls to vote and the result was the closing of the high school portion of Concord School.

With only the Elementary and Middle school sections left the budget of $4,399,464 was quickly drawn up to help run the school for the 2015-2016 school year.

"I don't like to keep having to re-vote all the time." said one resident, Reginald Joslim.

Other residents did not wish to comment on their opinions about having to re-vote on the budget after all the voting that has taken place so far this year. However one resident did say though that it was about time.