Concord School Budget Rejected

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concord school2CONCORD-- The school board for Concord will be meeting on Monday after the school budget was voted down on town meeting day. The school district was asking for $4,760,302, only losing by 25 votes.



The school has been under some discussion in the last few years, back in 2012 the town had a close vote on whether to keep the school open or not. 2 years ago the school budget passed by only 1 vote, while last year the budget passed with 19 votes.

The school board will now have to go over proposed budget and rethink what they can ask for now, which means something is going to be cut.

"We don't want to see any cuts that make it difficult for us to educate kids," stated Pre-k through 8th grade principal Julie Donahue. "We really believe all kids can learn, and all kids can learn at really an alarmingly high rate. When they are given the proper support. So we are just looking to, as I said, keep our budget physically responsible. And remember that we have a lot of needs here and we'd really like to be able to meet them. "

The school is a Pre-k through 12th grade school and serves the town of Concord, as well as the neighboring towns too.

"Kids here are getting a good education," said high school principal Kasey Potter. "So I just feel that we need to continue to explain to people how important it is that we pass the budget that we presented."

Both Donahue and Potter said that they don't have a set number on how much they will to ask for, but after Monday they hope they will have come to an agreement with the board and a budget that will be approved by the town.