West Burke Ski Shop Opens for Season

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ski shop west burkeWEST BURKE - The West Burke Ski Shop opened for the season this past Saturday. Despite the fact that the ski and snowboard season isn't fully here, they would still like to make sure people are prepared for the upcoming season.


The West Burke Ski Shop is a nonprofit organization that helps raise money for the Burke Town School. The money that is raised allows students to be able to go out and ski for lower prices. The shop originally opened up about 30 years ago.

"Ninety nine percent of the equipment that comes into the shop, is donated from a ski shop down in Armonk, New York called Hickory and Tweed and he donates all of this equipment and all of and all of the clothing for the shop and he just enjoys donating and seeing the kids get out on the slopes, same as I do just as long as everybody gets out and has fun," said Jared Wilke, a ski shop worker.

Wilke also has been a skier since the age of five and now is helping out in the shop so that other kids can have the same experience that he had growing up.

"Skiing has always been a part of my life, I've been here all my life so I grew up with this shop as a kid and I got my equipment here as a kid, that's how I got here. It's just really great for the school just because it does cost a lot of money for like all of the tickets and the skis and stuff like that for kids to go up and go on to the mountain and we can profit, well not profit but we can benefit from the skis that are donated to the shop so the kids can get onto the mountain and they can learn to ski, "said Wilkes.

For student Julia Legendre she really enjoys skiing with her school and family.

" I'm really excited, there's a first time for everything and I feel like it's going to be really fun. Getting time to spend with your family and enjoying that time outside instead of cooped up inside is the best part," said Legendre.

The ski shop is opened every Saturday from 9-2. The slopes at Burke Mountain open up December 1st for the season.