East Burke Businesses in the Fall

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east burkeEAST BURKE - The fall months are always quiet for businesses in East Burke, rather they fall silent due to customers; of course, the businesses have things to keep themselves busy, just not with sales. While the summer is known as the pinnacle business period for the area, the fall season is when many stores see a lull in sales, and take that time to prepare for the upcoming winter. 

One company that is very busy while getting ready for the winter season is Kingdom Trails. Lilias Ide, the Marketing Manager for Kingdom Trails, spoke about their fall activities in a recent interview conducted on October 31st. "We usually try to keep the biking trails open until the end of October or the first week of Deer Hunting season, after that we are charged with moving our nordic equipment and our base of operations to our other location on Darling Hill."

Ide went on to explain how they prepare for the snow that is surely heading this way. "We currently have a lot of the trail-making and maintenance group up on trails lining stakes in the ground to help us for when it comes time to make the skiing and fat-biking trails. When the snow falls it becomes impossible to see where the trail is or where it should be, so lining the trails with stakes, while a somewhat laborous process, is essential to trail building later on in the year."

Other shops are also busy with converting their businesses for the upcoming snow. East Burke Sports has been working since last week on converting their summertime bike shop into a winter fat-bike and ski rental shop. Jeremy Skilling, a retail salesman for the ski shop, explained the process of how they prepare for snow. "It's pretty much a mad dash when the bike trails close, we have to store all of our bikes for the winter, attend to the inventory and make sure that our lineup will be ready come next spring. We also have to convert the store into a ski shop, which means taking skis and fat-bikes out of storage, transporting them here to the shop, stocking them and making sure they are ready to go should someone need any piece of equipment." 

Although there may be a lull in the amount of customers that drive through the town of East Burke, the businesses themselves are no less busy than they were in the summertime, if not serving the community, they are working every day to ensure that they will be fully equipped to do so once someone walks through their doors.