Burke Town School Teacher Awarded

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Burke Town SchoolBURKE- Morgan Moore of the Burke Town School was recently awarded the Humanities Educator of The Year. This is now her 4th year teaching at the school and she has never received something like this.

"I'm just kind of blown away the thing that has been most meaningful to me is thinking about the Burke Town School community and this is such a great school with so many supportive people and mentors." Said Morgan Moore Burke Town School Teacher.

By receiving this award it has allowed her to look back at her past and realize how far she has come in just a few years.

"Getting the award has made me reflect on how much I've grown as an educator since working here and how supportive this community has been and the principle Stacy of just pursuing my passions as a teacher and learning more."

Not only was winning the award great, being able to celebrate with her students is what made it all.

"It was really nice that was the best part of getting the award just being able to celebrate with them." Moore continued.

While teaching her classes she always makes sure to take in every moment of it.

"Even the small moments they make where they realize they learn something new or they met their own goal is really powerful."

Winning this award comes from her motivation to help her students learn in a more creative way.

" A big thing I've been trying to do for the last couple years is with project based learning to make learning more personalized and flexible for kids and thats really rewarding."

Other than doing her job by educating her students being able to see them grow and succeed is why she does it.

"Thats a really rewarding part of teaching for me is seeing students develop those real life and transferable skills while they're becoming better readers and writers." Moore went on to say.