Burke Mountain and the 18-19 Winter Season

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burke mountainBURKE - The Burke Mountain Resort has begun serious preliminary preparations for the 2018-19 Winter sports season. The 'serious' aspect ties in with snow blower maintenance, trail review, and the evaluations of equipment to stock the rental shop.

It is a large job, one that needs a lot of helping hands to be completed on time, and time is one thing that nature doesn't seem to be giving the mountain resorts in the area, with two inches of snow already fallen in the past week, it appears that Burke mountain will have their work cut out for them if they are going to be ready by the time the first big snowfall covers the moutain top. 


Of course. this is nothing new to senior members of staff at the resort, many on staff have seen two too many winters here in Vermont, and they are ready to get to work. "We are very excited for the upcoming winter season," said Jessica Sechler, Marketing Manager at Burke mountain, "we are getting everything finalized and prepared for that first big snowfall, we are just topping our T's and dotting our I's."

While Winter is the biggest season for the resort, the Sechler added that for the past few years, business has been more stratefied across the four seasons as the mountain has begun to offer more events and camps throughout the year, rather than in the past when they only focused on the colder seasons. "We are actually just wrapping up our last Wedding this weekend, after that we will be in full swing for the winter, but we have definitely been a lot more busy in the spring and summer these past few years due to how much more involved we are with the community."

As the months change and the cold begins to close in and surround the Northeast Kingdom, it is clear to see that it will be another productive and white winter for the Burke Mountain Resort.