Hilltoppers Race to the Podium

alpinethumbnailBURKE - Yesterday, the Saint Johnsbury Academy alpine ski team hosted a giant slalom race at Burke Mountain. The team performed strongly throughout the day, with individual skiers placing in the top ranks, and impressive overall team scores.

For the boys division, St. Johnsbury came in first, with a total score of 21 points, and with a total of 35 points, the girls were ranked third.

According to one of the team's seniors, Ryan Fried, the Hilltoppers entered the competition with confidence. "The season's been great so far! We've won multiple races. I would say that this has been my first year, in my four years here, that we've been this good. We've got a freshman that's placing there at the top of the races, we've got a sophomore from South Korea doing extremely well, we've got myself, and then we've got a fourth and a fifth skier battling it out.

Regional ski teams have a few more weeks to prepare for the state championships, which will be taking place at Burke Mountain on March 5th and 6th. This is another competition that Fried will be entering with a sense of optimism. "As a team, we have a solid chance of winning states. There's a couple teams competing with us, but for the most part we're right up there."

Yesterday's race concluded with an awards ceremony, honoring the St. Johnsbury seniors, and the efforts of each athlete competing. Prizes were awarded, "swag" was distributed, metals were received, and there was even a dance battle. The celebration mirrored the strong team relationship among the Hilltoppers that was described by Maggie Anderson, one of the team's top-ranking female skiers. "We're all kind of like a big family, so it's really fun."