A Cheap Way to Learn the Slopes

burke mountainBURKE - Burke Mountain Resort and Lyndon State College are working together to offer a program to teach people how to ski. This program offers a 40% discount on one ski class, and is the first time that LSC and the Resort have created a program like this.

Amy Palaia, the Burke Mountain group sales manager, explained why she wanted to set up the activity. She says she went to LSC to instruct skiing and snowboarding, and some freshmen students wanted to know where to start. She thought that this would be good way to teach them at an affordable price. Thus, Palaia contacted with adventure program coordinator Katy Edner.

Edner was very supportive this idea. She said, “there are many students on Lyndon’s campus who want to be involved, but it is intimidating to join groups or clubs without knowing what you are doing.” She hoped that this program can teach students a new skill that they can use to make new friends and take a break from studying to be able to enjoy the winter up in the Northeast Kingdom.

Palaia and Edner worked together and determined that the price of the first class would be 25 dollars. The class includes all rental equipment for both skiers and snowboarders, and a rental helmet, as well as a half-day ticket. Students just need to wear their snow pants and warm clothes to come. Also, instructors will be around to show beginners how to control the skis and snowboards. Transportation is also available if the students don't have cars. “There will be a van leaving at noon each Sunday that these lessons are offered,” said Edner.

Plus, the safety issues could be the most important part of these events. During the last ski season, six people died on Vermont's ski slopes, an increase over previous years based on a review of public records by the Burlington Free Press. Palaia said they want the beginners to be safe, so instructors will constantly be looking out for them and ensuring they start on the easiest trails. Beginners will only be able to try more challenging trails if they prove their skills. Ski patrols will also be on the mountain to provide immediate help to anyone who needs it. Edner said that helmets and lessons are crucial for the skiers, and they will protect them physically and mentally.

“We have already discussed how we would be able to expand this program next season if it is successful this year!” said Edner.