The Most Wonderful Season of The Year

skiseasonburkeEAST BURKE- The town of East Burke is preparing for one of their favorite times of the year. But this wintery season doesn't involve reindeer and mistletoe. It involves the ski poles and double black diamonds.

East Burke is preparing for yet another ski season. The mountain is set to open tomorrow at 9AM to the public. The mountain had a preliminary opening today for season pass holders only.


In addition to skiers and boarders the businesses in the area are preparing for their own wonderful time of the year. East Burke sports is gearing up to provide rentals, skis, waxing, and tuning. "We changed our hours so people can get in here before they hit the mountain to pick up their stuff, we switch over all of our products in the shop to ski related products." says Jeremy Holmquist of East Burke Sports. The mountain gives the shop a big boost even though the shop has a fifty-fifty split between ski sales and fat biking sales during the winter. "It makes it possible pretty much, its really great just to be a part of that. Holmquist explains that the shop actually sees slow business during the winter regardless. "Honestly its slower during the ski season theres not as much traffic in the shop  the bike trails are right here so during the summer people park here theres a lot more going through the shop."

 For a business like Cafe Lotti the business there is buzzing. The ski season gets people very excited explains John Lotti, owner of Cafe Lotti. "It brings people into the area, it gets people out and about, the excitement being generated is just incredible especially coming up a great mountain bike season." The shop had a great amount of people come in during the summer and Lotti hopes that will continue. "This is my second November here, we are so much further along than last year, its all about the excitement. 

Another food and drink establisment, the Foggy Goggle, is extremely dependment explains Sara Miles, owner of the restaurant. "Business is just so dependant on the mountain and we love that there is snow so far and were looking foward to a really good year.

One thing can be apparent, the town of East Burke is ready for their most wonderful time of the year.