You Can Paint Too!

mooseEAST BURKE - Painter Patricia Mitchell taught herself all that she knows. From beginning to paint in 1990 to now leading her own classes and selling her work. Mitchell hosted a paint and brew event at the Publick House in East Burke last night.

She led the class in painting a moose on a snowy landscape as it strolled through White Birch trees. A painting that she is familiar with as many of her work features moose. When she originally began painting she recalled that it was simply because she wanted a hobby, “I needed a hobby, I needed something to do and taught myself because I couldn’t find anyone to teach me and now I just like the fact that if somebody has a desire to paint that I can help them.”

Another interesting aspect of Mitchell’s work are the materials she uses. Instead of painting on a traditional canvas, Mitchell prefers to paint on pieces of slate. She prefers slate to canvas because she can manipulate the shape of her work.

   12 people attended Mitchell’s paint and brew event.