Catching Cold

burke prepBURKE-Tuesday October 7th, Burke Mountain Ski Resort started blowing snow at the Summit and on the Willoughby trail. Temperatures in the coming week look cool enough to maintain the snow for the next few nights. Snowmakers at Burke began preparing for another winter season with the help of portable snowmaking machines. More cold weather is predicted for the future. They are planning to continue making snow into the weekend, making them a whole two weeks earlier than when they began last year.


Director of Resort Services Kevin Mack stated that they already put snow on trails. Mack said, "We've invested a lot in our snowmaking at Burke here in the past two years certainly, and those investments allow us to do some things that historically we have been limited. There is still some more work to be done but ultimately it's a combination, being 19 degrees tonight and having such a cold snap is really the key."

For the upcoming winter season, Burke Mountain Ski Resort added 30 snow guns, some of which are portable, to help in an emergency and make more snow. Also, the new Leitner-Poma T-bar is preparing to open up for skiiers and visitors in this season. The Leitner-Poma T-bar is an ideal lift for areas which experience great variations in snow depth, as on slopes with relatively irregular profiles. It is faster than other lifts and can take two skiiers on each lift chair. Mack said they would use pipes to transfer the snow, and attempt to reduce water usage.

Burke mountain plans to open by December 2nd, which is the same day that they opened last year, but will open earlier if the conditions allow.