Town of Burke on the Rise

burke mountainBURKE-  Vermont is well known for it’s skiing and mountain biking throughout the state. One spot in particular is becoming more popular. The town of Burke is being recognized for as a popular destination for both mountain biking and skiing.

National Geographic has ranked Burke as the third best mountain biking town in America. "Everyone is friendly, people come up, shake their hands, and say hello to you and I just think thats what keeps bringing people back is just that welcoming kind of good attitude,” said Bike Mechanic Ry Wolfel.
On top of that, Matador Network ranked Burke as the 11th coolest ski town in North America. The people who travel to Burke to bike and ski say it’s a nice atmosphere. Some people may have different opinions on what makes the atmosphere so nice.
“Busy is good, and I think the area is feeling the busy and you know we’re just, it’s all coming together,” said Burke Mountain Marketing Manager Jessica Sechler.
As Burke Mountain Hotel gears up for it’s second full season, Sechler says that the community is responding well to Burke becoming a four season tourist attraction.