Steve Berlack and Burke Mountain Academy

RBCthumbnailBurke Mountain- While the Ronnie Berlack Training facility is not the oldest building located at Burke Mountain Academy, it is one of the most important and community-centered buildings on the school's campus. The training facility was raised in the aftermath of disaster, Ronnie Berlack, who was a student attending Burke Mountain Academy, tragically died in an avalanche during a skiing competition in Europe over 4 years ago. It was amidst this tragedy, that his father, Steve Berlack, decided to create a new training facility for the school that his son loved so much.

Steve Berlack, who always remembred his son as a "sport loving gym rat", spearheaded fundraising for the new training facility; and within two short years, the three million dollar facility was up and running. "We had a lot of enertia for raising the three million dollars to build a facility here at Burke... and it's a very purpose built special facility... as compared to a regular high school gymnasium." However, it is not the great work-out facility that's truly amazing, the most important aspect is the dedication and hard work of Steve Berlack, which made the dream of a High-tech training facility into a reality.

 Steve Berlack is the current Chief operating officer at Burke Mountain Academy, in years past he has been the interim headmaster, and has also served on the school committee as well as coached as the ski teams lead instructor for many years. He and his family moved to Burke about fifteen years ago when his son was no more than a toddler; since that time, Steve has worked with the academy and made many contributions to the Academy, yet his dedication only intensified with his sons death. "Ronnnie loved this school, if he wasn't in classes he was on the mountain, and if he wasn't on the mountain he was off training to become a better skiier. I have tried my best to live up to this level of dedication in my own life, and the community has been there for me and my family every step of the way. When asked why he does so much for the school, Steve Berlack said that it was in the wake of his son's death, when almost everyone in the community reached out to him and his family, that he decided to stay committed to the school and the community as a way to repay their kindness. "We were blessed to have the community of Burke Mountain Academy and the larger community of the United States Ski Association... just a lot of support and a lot of people who knew Ronnie.. it was a blessing."

The R.B.C. training center caters to the training needs of all Burke Mountain Academy athletes, and is a much better alternative to athletes training outside in limited spaces. Senior athlete at Burke Mountain Academy, Bri Trudeau, had nothing but good things to say about the training center which was completed two years ago when she was a sophomore. "It's amazing, there's so much more space, we used to work out in a small room that was probably half this area... and there was a lot less training equipment than what we have to work with now." She also had a lot of good things to say about Steve Berlack. "He's awesome, I see him in the training center almost every single day... helping people with workouts, checking in on how their day is going... its's clear to see that he cares a lot about our success.

Steve Berlack said that his atheletes success is what he cares about, and that R.B.C. facility was created to ensure that success by providing students with proper training equipment to better their skills. "When I see students at the facility, I see them working hard, working to become better, it reminds me of my son... My motivaiton for building the training facility was to give students an opportunity to make themselves better, and that is what I see with this facility. I know that my son would be proud, I know my family and the community are proud, and I know that I am proud of the accomplishments of our students."