Burke Senior Meal Site

Burke Jam SessionBURKE - Burke's Senior Meal Site serves up more than just a bite to eat, like featuring artists to play music for anyone interested.  On Sunday, musicians played for a couple of hours for people to sing along and dance to.

“They love music. I think it brings them back to when they were younger and it gets them out even if they have to tap their toes or they dance or whatever.  It makes them happy, just like being young again. I think the music brings everybody out, it makes everybody happy,” said Senior Meal Site Manager Michele Coparanis.

The Meal Site offers lunch three days a week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  While they are not required, donations are encouraged. Also, it is preferred that you make reservations to attend any of the lunches.

Events like these take place every month at the Burke Senior Meal Site.