A Helping Hand this Holiday

HAND TO HANDBURKE- For 27 years now, one local organization has been lending a helping hand to those in need across the Northeast Kingdom.  The Hand to Hand program is a program that brings the joy of the holidays straight to the doors of families in need. The program coordinates and acts as the middle man between sponsors and families in need of Burke, Sheffield, Sutton, East Haven, Newark and Wheelock.

The sponsor will provide turkeys, gas cards and other things that will come in handy this winter to Hand to Hand. The program then will deliever the items to families, so the process remains anonymous.

Hand to Hand starts their work in October by finding sponsors, which Program Coordiantor Kelly Deth says is their number one priority. However, they don't ever seem to have a problem with that. "Every year we are so fortunate that if we're low on sponsors all we have to do is put it out there and the community always steps up," she said. 

All their hard work is about to be over with come December 9th and 10th. Those are the days that the donations will be delievered. Deth said it will be a huge production. "I don't even have the words to describe it," she said. "It takes a lot."

But all the hard work is worth it. Deth said, "Each time we help a family that is in need and they are grateful, makes it all worthwhile."