Lingering Burke Taxes

JAPPPPBURKE - As today comes to a close, Burke Mountain still has yet to pay their taxes. Burke Mountain owed more than $400,000 dollars in taxes. Originally Burke Mountain owed $30,000 dollars in late fees. However, if the remaining amount was not paid in full by today, an additional $4,000 dollars would and will be added on.

The Burke Town Clerk Priscilla Aldrich said, "the town recently had to pay the schools budget. Most of the money that they are waiting to receive from Burke Mountain." 

 The Burke Mountain Resort along with Jay Peak resort, (both owned by Ariel Quiros) owed vendors $5.1 million dollars in overdue bills. The court-appointed receiver, Michael Goldberg, said he paid the vendors for all goods and services provided after April and plans to start to pay past due amounts in season when cash flow improves.

"A $13.3 million settlement with Citibank will be used to keep the Burke Hotel and Jay Peak fully open and operational until they are sold, to pay some of the claims from vendors and contractors who worked on the hotel and various developments," said Goldberg.

Jay Peak, which says it offers "the East's best skiing and snowboarding," features a year-round indoor waterpark, an ice arena and championship golf course.

Although, Jay Peak has had a very successful summer with a record number of weddings from spring through fall, which has "helped the sentiment among staff" said Steve Wright, who became general manager in April.

Season pass sales are down about 8 percent, but that could be from the bad snow year last season, while vacation bookings for upcoming holiday periods are up from last year, which was a record at this time last year, he said.