Burke Mountain Opening Delay

Burke MountainBURKE - Skiers and snowboarders don’t get your hopes up if you were planning to hit Burke Mountain this Thanksgiving, mother nature isn’t quite cooperating.



“That was the original target date, Thanksgiving,” Sales and Marketing Director Jessica Sechler said. “We are running a ski free deal if we are able to get open— you know with snow making and with no help from mother nature.”

Burke Mountain has seen some issues recently with unpaid taxes and the EB-5 lawsuits, but this time their problems are as simple as the weather.

Snow making at the mountain takes anywhere from 48 to 72 hours and they’ve been trying but Sechler said, “with these 60 degree days all our efforts are visible, but they disappeared a little bit.”

Gearing up for the season is a lot of work in the first place. “It’s a process,” she said. Just for snowmaking they need to run water from the river to the pond to the machines. This while testing the equipment prior to inspection.

“There’s a lot that goes into it, but we’re on schedule,” Sechler said. Any challenges that they’ve faced getting ready for the winter have been handled well and they’re expecting to but fully operating coming December.

With snow in the forecast, Secher is more confident. “We’ll open as soon as we can,” she said.