Burke Mountain Late Paying Taxes

burkeBURKE - Burke Mountain could be facing more issues - this time paying their property taxes. The town of Burke has not yet heard from Burke Mountain regarding the taxes they owe.

Burke Mountain currently owes the town nearly $440,000 in taxes, and will owe more with the late fees. The late fee is due by November 25, and if Burke does not pay those penalty, they will be facing even more penalties. The mountain will be hit with a monthly one percent interest charge on the principle.

Assistant town clerk, Cathleen Feely, says the town still has enough money because of a line of credit.

"We have to write a check to the school for the educational positions of the taxes, and that's due on November 25," stated Feely.

Feely also said that there will be a tax flow issue for them if they are not paid by December 31. and the town will "end the year huge delinquency tax base," Feely added.

Town official say it is everyone's responsibility to pay their taxes, and anyone who is late has fees. The town continues to be optimistic, and sees the fees and penalties being paid out of the Citi Bank money the receiver was awarded.