Burke Water Project

burkewaterBURKE - The town of Burke is making some improvements to its under ground water system.



November eighth marks the start of a brand new water project in the town that will be installed for the Burke Fire District one.

The town obtained a seventy-five percent grant of the two point five million dollars needed for the project through the rural business development program.

The first phase of the project will be completed in just two weeks but the next two will take a little longer. The rest of this project is tentatively planned to be completed throughout 2017.

Gary Leach, Office Manager of Tata and Howard Engineering says, "I think that what we found from the participation from the people and residents here were all pleased that we are getting a new water system and have better water quality and fire protection as well its good for the community."

Tata and Howard engineering not only work around the Northeast Kingdom but are busy around the entire New England region.