Hazmat Day

HazmatdayBRADFORD - The Vermont Hazardous Response Team made one of their two monthly trips to a local Fire Department recently. This time their stop was in Bradford to share their knowledge of safety equipment with fellow emergency responders.


In a typical twice a month manner, the Vermont Hazardous Response Team takes time to visit different fire stations throughout Vermont in an attempt to explain the functions of their equipment and all of their capabilities.

Bradford Fire Chief Todd Cossgrove stated the reason for the visit was invitation. "We got invited by the mutual and the fire department to do a demonstration on what our team is," said Cossgrove.

A diverse group made up of over 30 people participated in the presentation, of which more than half are firefighters. Of the 30 team members, four actually come from the Northeast Kingdom.

David Patenaude is one the Hazardous Response team members representing the NEK and has a very important role on the team.

"I am the back up for when the state police go into a meth lab and have to wear level A suits with air on," stated Patenaude.

Hazmat Technician Harry Fell stresses how important it is that people understand the team is on scene to assist local fire department, not take over the operation. It is an educational opportunity so they can explain how they can help them in an emergency. "We don't take over the scene, we work with them as mutual system."