Pet of the Week: Jedediah

March 3, 2023 - March 9, 2023

Jedediah, also known as Jed, is a three year old miniature Australian shepherd mix living at Riverside Rescue in Lunenburg, Vermont, and he is looking for an active home to join.

Being an Aussie mix, Jed has a lot of energy and herding instincts. He has been known to nip and herd small children and chase cats in the past, but shelter manager Sharon Eaton says he doesn't mind the other cats in the shelter. She would still advise against him going to a home with kids, however. If his new home has other dogs, Eaton said "they would need to be humorful of his need to play." Jed originally came from a home with a lab that didn't mind his antics.

Jedediah's previous owner was training him to be a service dog, but he wasn't a good fit for the job. However, because of this, Jed knows several tricks like sit, stay, down, and shake, and Eaton says he is extremely well-behaved. "I'm surprised he's still here with us," she admitted. Jed is very food motivated. If you ever need his attention, all you need is a treat, and he will come right to your side and sit.

He is very well-behaved and patient when it comes to brushing his thick, long coat and clipping his nails.

If you are interested in adopting Jedediah or looking at one of Riverside Rescue's other pets, you can fill out an application and learn more at