Kingdom East Trims Budget after passing 40 million

AROUND THE NEK- Kingdom East School Officials hit the books last night as KESD Financial commitee met last night to try to trim the budget. 

Heading into last nights meeting the budget was near 41 million dollars with still some more tems to be added.  This compared to last years budget would be a 3 milion dollar increase, as last years budget totaled at 37.98 million dollars.  

Last night the finacial committee trimmed nearly 1 million from the budget.

Member Kory Cantin said, "Its an ongoing process, we are looking to trim more as we go, we want to have a fiscally responsable budget." 

The financail commitee will meet again on December 19th to discuss revenues with a make up date on the 21st. The full board would review the proposed budget the committee generates in January to approve the final version that would be presented to voters at Town Meeting.