5A in Westmore Almost Back Open

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5A WestmoreWESTMORE- Workers from the Vermont Agency of Transportation have been chipping away at the two week project to secure some of the rocky slopes along a portion of Route 5A in Westmore. The project, which began last week was sparked back in March, when a boulder came crashing down off of Mount Pisgah, and onto Route 5A blocking the roadway.

Workers scaled up the face, removing loose and at risk boulders from the mountain side. In addition, they drilled 7 to 10 foot rods into the mountain, further securing some of the rock face from crashing down. They hope this will eliminate the risk of future potential rock slides in this specific area. To keep everyone safe from falling rocks and give the workers plenty of room to work, VTRANS set up a detour re-routing people onto Route 5, sending them around the scenic 5A.



Jason Sevigny, who is a Technician with VTRANS, says that “it’s kind of unfortunate this time of year, you know, you get a lot of people driving around looking at the leaves and all that good stuff. So it’s been a little bit difficult, and people probably haven’t been too happy with us. But all in all it’s gone well.” Sevigny says that they hope to have the project finished up by the 29th. This is also the last day that the road is scheduled to be closed for.