Peacham Elementary School Going Green

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Solar ArrayPEACHAM- A solar array on the rooftop of the Peacham Elementary School has finally been installed, however it still needs to be connected.


The project, installed and owned by catamount solar, is expected to not only help the school save money, but also eliminate the risk of power failures.

Principal Ashley Gray says power outages happen frequently. Often times, forcing them to look to other schools to assist in feeding the children, leaving them in the dark for the rest of the school day, or even sending the kids home from school. Besides powering the school, they hope to use this as a learning opportunity for the students as well.

 Gray says, “we’re excited to see, once it is connected, we can see what impact it’s having, and really start to have the data.” She explained that they will be able to monitor the data in real time, online. “I think that will be really fun for the kids to see” she added. Gray said they hope to have the array up and running sometime in December.