Title Ten Cuts Planned Parenthood

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pp thumbnailLyndon-Around the Northeast Kingdom and Vermont, title 10 cuts could begin to make acess to healthcare from Planned Parenthood harder on Vermonters.

The title ten cuts were put in place in July, but that hasn't stopped locations from staying open and committed to providing healthcare. There are twelve Planned Parenthood locations across the state, and nearly nineteen thousand Vermonters depend on them for healthcare.


 In fact, Vermont has taken the steps already to break away from title ten, so Vermonters can still have access to the services Planned Parenthood provides. Governor Phil Scott and Attorney General TJ Donovan have begun to put legislature in place, which will make sure Planned Parenthood still has access to these healthcare services. Scott has stated he will include funding for Planned Parenthood in his next yearly budget for the state. 

"Fortunately for Vermont, we aren't going to see an impact, because the legislature stepped in, and the governor stepped in to ensure that Vermonters still have acess to our healthcare" said Lucy Leriche, Vice President of Public Policy for Planned Parenthood of Vermont. 

Across the country, some states could begin to see the impacts of these federal cuts. Services like STD screenings, cancer screenings, and even counseling services could all be affected.

"Title ten has been operating very sucessfully with providing healthcare, and the Trump adminstration has come forward with a new rule, that would force healthcare providers to withold critical healthcare information to their patients. Specially around abortion, and around referring somone for an abortion. Its important to mention here, that federal dollars cannot be used towards abortions in any way, so thats not the issue here. The issue is gagging healthcare with these title ten cuts, and damaging the doctor patient relationship" said Leriche.

Leriche urges Vermonters to stay involved with Planned Parenthood, and to call their congressman and represenatives going forward regarding funding for Planned Parenthood.