Vaping Epidemic

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VapesSaint Johnsbury- The first case of pulmonary illness related to vaping in Vermont has been confirmed. In a report from the Vermont Department of Health, one confirmed case and five other potential cases are currently under investigation. As of September 11th, three hundred and eighty cases and six deaths have been reported to the CDC from 36 States and one U.S Territory.

While it is still under investigation of what causes the illness, health officials are urging people not to vape. 


 Here in the Northeast Kingdom we’re no stranger to this epidemic, the Saint Johnsbury School last school year had a vaping issue in their Middle School. To deal with it they held an informative vaping session that was open to the public, where NVRH’s Prevention Specialist Tennyson Marceau spoke about the issues with the popular new fad of vaping with products such as JUULs and other e-cigarettes.

Marceau says that “we educate everything, but we try to tell people, please make a smart choice and do not use a product that you don’t know what it’s actually going to do to you. WE know what cigarettes, combustibles do to you, because we’ve had over a hundred years of experience with it.”


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