Barnet Bridge Proposal

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barnet trucksBARNET - The town of Barnet’s Fire and Rescue Department has begun the process to get themselves a new forest fire truck. This was brought to the attention of the Barnet Select Board monday night, as the department is hoping to replace their old truck as soon as possible.

The old truck is from 1984 and according to Chris Bunnell, Barnet’s Forest Fire Warden and Fire and Rescue Captain, it has not been as reliable as it needs to be. “A couple of times it has stalled out on a call,” Bunnell confessed. “It’s really just time to update it”.

The crew is manned collectively by around 15 off duty men and women, this makes transportation of the upmost importance in a seriously time sensitive atmosphere.

A truck with a mechanics body on the back would allow the structure for water storage, hoses and other equiptment. This style of truck is neccecary for the job, and much smaller than a traditional fire engine. The new truck would not carry anymore water or equiptment than the old one, but it would give the department the ability to rely on the forest fire truck for a change.