Two Running for CCSU Board Chair

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ccsu vote BARNET- Two Barnet residents are running for one open seat on the Caledonia Cooperative Supervisory Board vote that is on May 7t

Current chair of the board, Lou Bushey has been on the board for twelve years now and is running for the position again and is hoping for another three year term. He began to serve on the board twelve years ago in efforts to fix the issues happening at the Barnet School as he saw there were many problems when his children attended the school. He originally started out as a regular board member on the Barnet School board and then ran for a chair position five years ago. He is also serving on the board of directors of the Vermont school boards association and hopes he can bring more to the three schools including Barnet, Waldon and Waterford, that are all within the CCSU school board and make them a better place.


Bushey said, "I think what they would expect is someone who would advocate for good governance would advocate for equity across a larger school system that now that we have three buildings and three communities which would serve and I think, I certainly will be in a position where I have enough perspective and history that I have a pretty good grasp of what the role of a board member is."

He also said that within his 12 years of being on the board he has realized that there's more to it than just poorly ran schools. He said, that it can be harder to work with the school board not only due to the merging of the schools, but due to the way the government has been working the system with schools in Vermont.

"Some pretty big system changes have happened, driven by the state legislature in Montpelier that's really made the job much more about providing policy governance and system oversight rather than being involved with the day to day operations of the school so it has shifted a lot from being intimately involved within the school buildings to much more making sure you're hiring much more stronger educational leaders, "said Bushey.

Running against Bushey will be Jessica Roy who is a parent at the Barnet School.