The Barnet Library Brings Back An Old Tradition

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Ukrainian Egg Decorating

 BARNET- An old tradition makes it's return to the Barnet Library after being gone for the past few years.


Ukrainian egg decorating made it's return Wednesday night  after Special Projects Director of the library, Rebecca Boardman reintroduced it to the community.


What made this egg decorating different from others is that it was a Ukrainian style and it was designed mostly for adults rather than traditional types done by kids.


Almost a dozen or more community members gathered to take part in this unique Easter tradition. Some eager to learn, some eager to do it again after a previous time and some a little unsure of what to expect, but all happy to be together for the experience.


Boardman gave a brief lesson and then it was time for the participants to get to work. Vinegar is first rubbed on the egg to clean it and then dyeing can begin. The egg decorators were given the choice to keep the original color of the egg, (white, brown or green). Depending on their choice they could take wax and make designs in the areas they wanted to keep the original color by using a wax cutting tool called a Kisca and cutting a piece of wax and holding it next to a flame. If they didn't want to they could put their egg straight into the dye and move onto the next egg while waiting for it to dry. Starting with a lighter color is recommended.


Once the eggs are dry and drained of dye the process continues until the decorators were satisfied. Many of the decorators involved were happy with the way their eggs turned out. Some even got surprises they weren't expecting. "Everything surprises me when I do this because the colors are different every time you put an egg in a different color dye, and take it out, it changes into a color you didn't expect." Decorating participate, Meg Clayton said.


Another partcipate ,Mary-Jane Sheerian, who is new to this kind of art said,  "Barnet is just a great place to come to do crafts with other people. It's all good, and a great way to support the library too."


A lot of laughs were shared and it was a good time for all, but Boardman wanted to remind everyone how Easter came to be," Easter is one of the major Christian holidays. Easter comes from the ancient Goddess of Spring, she was said to bring a great egg of a full moon every spring, for which the world is reborn after a long winter. The symbol for this Goddess is a rabbit. This is how we came to have Easter eggs and Easter bunnies."


Boardman said she did this event as part of a program at the library called Art At The Library. She also said it was a way to bring the community together through art. Other arts and craft workshops are held monthly.