Burglar Unable To Steal From Church

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church burglarAROUND THE NEK - The United Baptist Church in Waterford was broken into on the morning of Saturday, April 13th. Seccurity cameras show an individual breaking a glass window on the backside of the building with a long pole. After gaining entry into the building the burglar attempted to gain access to the main offices.

Members of the church do not know why the individual was trying to get into the offices since no money is kept there, they only hold documents and certificates for their members. Regardless, the individual tried to get through the first door by breaking the mini window located next to the handle however he was unable to get through the door. Afterwards, he smashed the security camera in the hallway and attempted to break through the door opposite the office rooms.


The burglar attempted to get through the next door leading to the pastor's offices, however both doors were locked by a deadbolt and code locking system on both sides of the doors. After the burglar was unable to get into the rooms, he left the same way that he came in, and had vacated the scene before local law enforcement could arrive.

At the time being there have been no new updates on the investigation, and no new information has been given to the identity of the individual. Members of the United Baptist Church have made assumptions that whoever broke in must have some kind of affiliation with the building. While they cannot say for sure who the burglar was, the way that he moved through the building and the way he concealed his face from the cameras would lead church leaders to believe that the burglar is familiar with the building and where the cameras are located within and outside the building.