Groton Free Public Library Prom Dresses

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grotonGROTON - Prior to landing her new position as librarian of the Groton Free Public Library in the fall of 2018, Jodi Fleurie-Wohlleb was a chicken farmer with her family in New Hampshire. Along with a bright smile and inclusive attitude, Fleurie-Wohlleb has brought with her a new goal and an old tradition to the Groton Free Public Library.



Broad yet meaningful, her goal is to bring the community together through the many resources at the library. One service that she has been cultivating over the years has given families the opportunity to get their hands on something special for their children, something that might not be within financial reach for some.
Beginning in the basement of her old New Hampshire home many years ago, Fleurie-Wohlleb has been collecting and receiving donations of prom dresses and accessories to give away to community members in need.

"It shouldn't be a burden to a family in order for their daughter to experience the prom which is just one night, just something that I find is really important kind of developmentally for girls and boys," Fleurie-Wohlleb said.

In years prior, she has seen great success by receiving more donations than she could give away. But with her new location at the library, Fleurie-Wohlleb has had trouble spreading the word, even after reaching out to local high schools and utilizing social media. Nevertheless, this has not deterred her. Fleurie-Wohlleb will continue to collect prom dresses and find new ways to help the community as she explained, "anything that can help inspire and bring a positive twist to people in my eyes is really really important."

Community members can donate dresses to the cause, but Fleurie-Wohlleb asks that you give her a call first at the library, 802-584-3358.