15 Years and Still No Maura

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scene of the crime North Haverhill, NH- Potential leads in finding 21 year old Maura Murray fell flat during a forensic excavation on Wednesday. Over the 15 years Fred Murray, Maura's father, has been trying to get into a house on route 112 just across from where Maura went missing in 2004.
The past owners of the home would not let Mr. Murray search the home and investigators say they did not have probable cause to force a search.
The home has now changed owners who let Mr. Murray and private investigators conduct a search in November 2018 with a cadaver dog. Mr. Murray claims that the dog had a positive hit of his daughters sent. Later they went back with different dog and received the same results. Once the second dog had a positive hit, a ground penetrating scan was conducted.

According to the New Hampshire Associate Attorney General, Jeffery A. Strelzin, there was no anomaly or objects found in the scan, but that the soil had been disturbed under the newly added concrete floor in the basement of the home. On Wednesday police and FBI officials went back into the home to excavate the basement.
"A group of a dozen of agents and investigators went into that basement, they cut that area, removed the concrete and searched several feet down and covered the entire area and beyond the disturbed ground had been, and they located absolute nothing other than a small piece of what looks to be potentially pottery or old piping, and that's all they found." Strelzin said during a press conference. No evidence connected to Maura Murray’s disappearance was found in the home.

The search for Maura Murray carries on and her father is asking everyone for help. "Please help me, please help me. I can’t do it on my own, I'll take all the help I can get. Please help my daughter." Fred Murray pleaded.


News leads, but No Maura Murray from NewsLINC on Vimeo.