Snow in Spring, Go Figure

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vtrans plowAROUND THE NEK - Friday, March 22nd marked a gigantic winter storm that sweeped the northeast kingdom in just over a foot of snow. Rates of snowfall were recorded at their peak to have fallen at three inches an hour in the early afternoon, and even more frightening were the reports of cars, trucks, and semi(s) that went off the roads or flipped themselves. The Vermont Transportation Agency as well as local road crews were busy all hours of the day and night clearing the snow and ice and attempting to make roads passable for residents, however almost nothing could make the roads completely safe for travel. Some look to the time of year as one of the main reasons behind the treacherous road conditions. Ross Macdonald, a resident of Peachem was quoted in a recent interview stating "This time of year is a lot more dangerous for snow and ice than the beginning or middle of winter," he noted, "Because of the thawing, and the wetness on the roads, added with the mud and frost heaves, the spring is a much more dangerous time of year for roadways when we get snow; especially a snowfall of the magnitude that we have seen at the end of this week."

Road crews have used salt, sand, and every other method under the frigid sun (or moon in this case) to combat the snow, however residents must also know that there are things that they can do for themselves in order to be safer on the roadways. "It is very important that cars have winter tires," said Macdonald, "and much more important than that, peole have to take their time when they are driving on these roads. Road crews can only do so much, and the roads can only be maintanenced so much from salt and sand and plowing, people have to take their safety into their own hands and drive more carefully when operating their vehicles in these conditions."